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Nowruz 95 came to the fore while several young people were thinking of a solution in support of Iranian goods and products, and according to the expertise of having the only solution and the best answer, supporting business managers and factories and production workshops. But how? With the help of managers and business owners, they were supposed to be by their side in the process of building good, standard and memorable brands. This is exactly the reason for the compassion, the insistence, the sense of responsibility that we both have on our projects! We consider all your work to be our own, and we seek to grow and enhance the quality and status of your brand.

Despite all the difficulties, this positive event took place at the beginning of 1397 persian year, and we entered the field under the name of Barcode 626, which is the identity card of all Iranian products. However, some time later, that “626” was removed due to limited rules and regulations. We are by your side, but we still believe and are responsible for your products and our commitments, because we consider ourselves ambassadors of victory in conquering global markets with pure and good Iranian products, and all our efforts and promotions are to promote your name and brand. May you make it better and sell more …

We guarantee success.

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Barcode Team

مدیرعامل آژانس تبلیغات بارکد

I am Mohammad Hossein Ranjbari

I studied software and then video communication at the university, and I have been active in the field of marketing for several years, studying and gaining experience.

In the field of barcode management, I have focused all my efforts on making the service work based on standards in the beginning and the principle, and after that, leaving the employer alone in difficult moments should be considered as the secondary principle of work. Do not doubt that in all moments of cooperation with each of the parts of the barcode, an awake eye, a whole committed and responsible heart will work for your work and business.

MohammadHossein Ranjbari

مدیر استودیو دیجیتال مارکتینگ آژانس تبلیغات بارکد

I am Tahereh Dehbozorgi,

an expert in video communication and active in the field of digital marketing Interested in body language research

Tahere Dehbozorgi

Digital Marketing Studio Manager
مدیر استودیو گرافیک آژانس تبلیغات بارکد

I am Zohreh Razmi

I am Graphic designer, adult and child character illustrator. I studied graphics, but I was a painter before choosing my field. After that, I became interested in advertising and graphics, and I started my career in this field seriously.

I am currently a Senior Designer and Director of Graphics at Barcode Advertising Agency. Colleagues tell me that I am very sensitive and precise.

Zohreh Razmi

Graphic Studio Manager

Pariya Jafari

Web and App Design Studio Manager

I am Pariya Jafari

Graduated in Information Technology Engineering I’ve always been interested in computers and anything that has the slightest connection to computers I chose information technology engineering as my university major so that I could use computers and other IT tools to achieve the future of what I envision. In addition to my education, I took several courses in face-to-face and online programming and gained experience and work in the field of application programming and the website.

I am currently the director of the web and application studio and an IT expert at Barcode Advertising Agency.

طراح گرافیک آژانس تبلیغات بارکد

I am Fatemeh Nasiri

I’ve always been interested in art, and I decided to pursue my interests seriously and put graphics on the table. I did my best to become more purposeful and better in this field, and in addition to my academic education, I had visual studies, etc., in my field. I am currently working as a graphic designer at Barcode Advertising Agency.

Fatemeh Nasiri

Graphic Designer