Category of Mobile Applications Based on the Performance

Determining the type of mobile application helps users to have better and faster access to their desired mobile application and to know in which field the functionality of this mobile application before downloading and ordering the design of their own mobile application:

Mobile Game App:

They are for playing games of any type and are under different branches. Some of the sub-categories of mobile games are: Adventure, Puzzle, Social, Sports, Strategy and …

Business Mobile App:

What is related to the business of companies, including accounting, human resources, growth of various sectors, etc. These applications facilitate business and commerce. Some of the sub-categories are: Document Management, Remote Desktop, Job Search Resource, Enterprise Resource Management, and more.

Educational Mobile App:

In this type of mobile application, the user learns various topics. These apps can provide you with text in a very simple and ordinary way, or they can be conversational using more complex modes. Some of the following branches: Vocabulary, Language Learning, Geography, Astronomy, etc.

Entertainment Mobile App:

These apps work for the user, as they spend time and have fun. For example, music players are in this category. It is difficult to give a precise definition for this classification. But the important thing is that they are one of the most widely used categories. Some of the sub-categories: TV, film, Voice Manipulation, Art Creation, etc.

Practical Mobile App:

In your mobile phone, there must be tools such as a virus finder, checking the battery charge status, and so on. Apps that act as a tool for phone work fall into this category. Some of the sub-categories: calculator, flashlights, screen lock for various and separate apps (Screen Locks), bar code scanners (Bar Code Scanners), remote control (Remote Controls) and ….

Tourism Mobile App:

Introducing beautiful places, accommodation places, displaying the schedule of vehicles, is one of the things that are considered in these applications. Some of the following branches: Flight Tracking, City Guides, Hotel Reservation, Machine, etc., Vacation Planning, Public Transportation, etc.

Book Mobile App:

Some mobile apps provide you with digital books that have been officially published. Some of the following branches: Novel, religious texts, humor, etc.

Health and Fitness Mobile App:

An example of these apps is Pedometer. Some of the following branches: Yoga, Weight Loss, Quitting Cigarettes, etc.

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