Multimedia Atelier

 You know how interesting and engaging it can be for the audience to take a good photo or make a good promotional video. So naturally, you believe that designing a scenario for a teaser or arranging a professional photo requires a lot of expertise and experience. You can safely leave your multimedia works/projects to us.

برنامه نویسی وب و اپلیکیشن

Website and application design

Your website is the biggest showcase for your business There is no doubt that creating a website is the first step for you to enter the world of the Internet. So designing your website is very important. We understand this and our team will design your website and app after the necessary research and development of digital marketing strategy.

بازاریابی و مشاوره
بازاریابی و مشاوره

Marketing and consulting

Your website is the biggest showcase for your business There is no doubt that creating a website is the first step for you to enter the world of the Internet. So designing your website is very important. We understand this and our team will design your website and app after the necessary research and development of digital marketing strategy.

خدمات چاپ

Printing Services

The best way to advertise in public is to use portable designs.  Today, digital advertising is done on catalogs, brochures, newspapers, magazines, etc.  Many businesses do this, and many people take a lot of advertising content every day and throw it away before reading!  Our motto is that if the design and effect do not speak to the audience, it is better to be in the trash.  So you can print your most obvious advertisement, which is your business card, with the most different design methods and receive it from the barcode courier at your workplace.

هدیه های تبلیغاتی
آتلیه Multimedia
دیجیتال مارکتینگ

Digital Marketing

Today we are witnessing a fundamental change in the way people relate to each other; Digital communication in the form of social networks that are realized in the context of cyberspace. Given the importance and spread of this change, advertising has taken on a new shape and image, and it is better to pay more attention to this medium as an effective tool, especially for the young and educated generation.

چگونه برای فروش محصولمان در اینترنت متن تبلیغاتی بنویسیم؟

Music Studio

 In the modern world, sound plays a very important role in our lives. Advertising teasers, movies, games, ceremonies, radio and television programs all need music. Because the effect of music is very helpful in influencing and subconsciously creates deep feelings in the audience. We help you have your own brand of music. This means that you have one step higher than your competitors in all your productions because you have the original music of your brand. You will be more enduring and professional in the minds of the audience, and often the audience will subconsciously preach to you by whispering the music of your brand with their mouths.

مدیریت ارتباط با مشتریان
هدیه های تبلیغاتی

Promotional Gifts

A great way to increase the credibility of your brand and increase the audience’s knowledge of the business and the cartoon is a promotional gift! Awareness of your brand and business will create new relationships and perpetuate old ones.  Giving a gift has a profound effect on your customer’s mind and makes your brand easier to remember.

تبلیغات، مارکتینگ،برند
طراحی گرافیک

Graphic Design

Graphic design creates the visual identity of the brand. Audience is attracted to a brand by colors and design. But each project has an audience and talks to a specific group. Using a strong and professional graphics can create a good feeling and trust in the customer’s mind.

طراحی پوشاک

Fashion Design

Have you ever considered having a special uniform for your staff?? How effective do you think it can be in promoting the minds of your audience and customers? The impact that the staff has on the first encounter with the customer is very important and the coverage of the staff will have a great impact on your success. One of the strategies that will help us in a positive way is to provide coordinated work clothes for the staff. Clothing design is a branch of art that combines the principles of beauty and sewing to create a work of art in the form of clothing. We are going to help you with a professional clothing design team that complies with all the design and sewing formulas for appropriate and standard clothing, so that your customers will buy from you with more satisfaction

استودیو موسیقی بارکد

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The customer is the most important factor in the recession or prosperity of the economic situation of any business. CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is about managing our customer relationship and how to respond to their needs and requests in the best possible way. This will increase the success of our business. Therefore, anticipating and gaining awareness of customer needs and trying to solve them is one of the most important tasks of business managers. In fact, CRM considers customer orientation as the main business strategy and its goal is to attract and retain profitable customers.


Undoubtedly, environmental advertising is one of the oldest methods of advertising, an advertisement that all people have to see because it is part of the city space. Billboards, streetboards, light boxes, subway advertisements, and even on the body of buses are important spaces that, if brought to them in a timely manner, will certainly work wonders in increasing your sales volatility. Be careful, choosing the wrong time for urban advertising can waste your financial resources overnight without making a profit. 

Environmental and urban media

رسانه های محیطی و شهری

Some of Our Projects

Barcode Customers

The secret of Barcode’s popularity is its respect for the customer and its comprehensive efforts to provide their needs. Many of our satisfied customers are dissatisfied customers who are tired and disappointed of the services of other companies that they have chosen us and are now satisfied with their choice. Because Barcode respectfully understands all their needs and provide.

سازمان بسیج دانش آموزی استان فارس
Student Basij Organization of Fars Province
شرکت آیس پک
Ice Pack Company
کارخانه سیم و کابل دراک
Derak Cable Company
گروه کارخانجات تولیدی سنگ احسان
Ehsan Stone Company
فروشگاه محصولات سلامت عافیت
Afiat Organic Products
Owshe Organic Products
شرکت دانش بنیان سایها
Parnous Saniar Company
کافه رستوران روته
Rote Cafe
پایگاه سفارش آنلاین غذا
Changalino Online Catering Services
مجموعه رستوران باکویه
Bakouyeh Restaurant Complex
موسسه فرهنگی هنری حدیث آرزومندی
Hadis Arezoumandi Institute
موسسه دانابازار
Danabazar Institute


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